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cb in the truck

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We all have skills in communication. We have cell phones, computers, and touch pads. In the trucking industry, we have satcoms and qual coms. We also have CBs. The CB is one of the most important communication devices in the trucking world. Every truck driver needs to have one in their truck. Why, you ask? Well, if there is an issue on the road, we all need a way of warning other drivers headed into the path of whatever happened. We need to be able to let each other know if there are any issues. These radios can save a life, a load, and other people. If drivers do not have them or have them and do not use them, then you have pile ups and accidents that just don’t need to happen.


Doesn’t Every Driver Have A CB? NOPE!


Some of the new drivers today that are on the road do not have one. Many think they don’t need it, and some don’t have one because of all the hatred people keep spewing from one driver to the other, hollering for all of the lot lizards. The ones that do have them often have them turned off because they don’t want to hear what comes out of the mouths of other drivers when they start criticizing and swearing at other drivers, also they don’t want to hear the music that other drivers keep playing over the CB radio. Instead of having a CB, they have earphones in or headphones on, listening to music or talking on the phone. It sucks for the rest of us because the ones that are talking or texting or listening to music are often not paying attention to others around them.


What Good Does A CB Really Do?


Despite what others think we all like to have good conversations. We all want to talk about life, family, holidays, and work. We also like to communicate about the road conditions and any accidents that might have happened ahead. The old saying goes, ‘If you give respect you get respect.’ Truck drivers used to help others and make sure that other people are ok. The public used to respect the truck drivers, because they were always willing to help the public. Drivers used to approach others with respect and manners. I know this first hand.


See, when I was little and my mom was trying to get away from a guy that had almost killed her in front of my brothers, sister, and I, she was so scared that she was afraid to stop to feed us or stop to pee. My mom had a CB in the car she drove because, back then, it was the ‘in’ thing to have to contact others instead of using a phone. Having a phone when I was young was very expensive and there were no cell phones. Mom was talking to a driver and he offered to buy us kids something to eat and watch over all of us if we stopped. He was kind, caring, and very respectful. He didn’t make advances at her and never tried to disrespect her at all.  If it wasn’t for the CB and the care and respect this driver showed for my mom and us kids, I don’t know how things would have turned out. The CB is a very important tool in the trucking industry.




It’s Not Just What You Say, But How You Say It


Another important communication factor is the way we speak. This includes how we greet someone. When you approach people that you don’t know and say “SUP”…or, “Hey got your load.” Wow. Have some tact and professionalism.


If you think that I would look at someone conducting themselves that way the same as I would look at someone else who walks into my shop who is properly dressed and talks with respect in proper English, you’re wrong. I would be more inclined to communicate and be respectful to the one that is dressed properly and follows the rules of walking into a warehouse or any place of business.


Communication Is SO MUCH More




Another part of communication is the way we dress, because that is the first thing that people see when we first step out of the truck and walk in the door. If you wear slippers, sandals, high heels, flip flops, or go barefoot (yes, I said barefoot. I have seen people do this), don’t expect to be treated with respect.


Then there’s the ones that have to hang on to their britches because they bought them 10 times bigger…if you want to wear them at home, or on your down time, then more power to ya. It looks bad on you and funny when you have to hold them up with your hand. I’ve seen a guy with pants 10 times bigger and he had to hold them up with his left hand. When he went to open the trailer doors, he had to let go. Yes, you guessed it. They fell to his ankles…THAT was funny.


Women can be just as bad though. They wear spandex…you know, the ones that you can ‘see the cornflakes in the garbage bag’ kind of look? Good Lord…have some self respect at least. It is not attractive at all. People need to wear clothes that fit, not show every lump and bump, if you know what I mean. New drivers need to be taught that, if you want to wear these kinds of clothes, it’s fine; just not when you are dealing with the customers. It looks bad for you and the company you represent.




For the new drivers that are coming out of school today, you need to be aware of the different ways of communication that these places look for. They can, and DO, call a company and ask them not to send certain drivers to their place for anything again.


Common sense and self respect as well as respect for others are all key themes here. Communication is essential, from the CB to the loading dock.

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